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 The event began with the March pass performed by the students of Class II. It was followed by a flag hoisting ceremony. The sports meet was declared open formally by a simple but heartfelt dedication to the desire for peace. Mrs. Kiran Dhar released two white pigeons to mark the desire. An oath was administered to students to participate in the sports day with true sportsman spirit. A prayer presented by class L.K.G lent a serene aura to the occasion.  A melodious welcome song laid the ground for other lovely performances. Notable among them were various kinds of races including bucket race, and relay race, aerobics, display of sports equipment and Yoga. The spectators were particularly enthused by the gymnastic performances and praised the efforts profusely. One highlight of the event was a small skit presented by kids on the theme: Save the Trees. The skit was widely appreciated for its timely message. Prize distribution services were held at the conclusion of each event. The event concluded with a fun race held for parents and teachers. It regaled the students, spectators and participants alike as they discovered the hidden child in themselves

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